Safety in potentially explosive areas
Safety in potentially explosive areas

Explosion-Proof Position and Level Feedback

In classified hazardous locations with potentially explosive gases or dusts, any installed electrical equipment must comply with specific in-country or regional electrical code requirements. This includes linear position sensors used for position feedback on hydraulic cylinders and valve actuators, as well as level monitoring probes.

Application examples

  • Valve position feedback for hazardous locations

    Hydraulic actuator position feedback for control and shutoff valves

    The solution

    Balluff's magnetostrictive linear position sensors are used in servo-hydraulic systems in nearly every industry. The special requirements of hazardous locations in oil & gas extraction, transportation, refining, and petrochemical processing require sensing products designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, while at the same time meeting the certification and agency approval requirements of jurisdictions around the globe.

    The features

    • Flameproof / Explosion-proof protection method
    • Non-contact, wear-free operation for long service life
    • NEC, CEC, ATEX, IEC, and many other international approvals
    Micropulse transducers

    Isolation and control valves used in oil and gas extraction, in refineries and in petrochemical plants