Enable visibility in the production process

Traceability can help improve overall plant efficiency in a variety of different areas and processes within the manufacturing process. Manufacturers are facing ever increasing competitive pressure and legal requirements. The desire for visibility in the process, customer satisfaction, profits and compliance are pushing many manufacturers to look at traceability as a long-term strategy. Manufacturers have discovered that implementing a traceability program is a proven method to meet their strategic goals.

Traceability Goal

Manufacturers utilize traceability to make improvements in the following areas:

  • Comply with regulatory and quality standards
  • Proactively manage product recalls with near-real-time corrective action
  • Improve customer safety, customer satisfaction, and profit margin
  • Manage product quality and reduce the cost of nonconformance

Discover the Benefits of Visibility

Traceability provides the ultimate process visibility. Visibility provides manufacturers with the actionable data required to make complex business decisions. Manufacturers use this information to gain visibility to achieve:

  • Just-in-Time (JIT)
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Enhanced quality and regulatory compliance
Plant Based Asset Tracking

Plant Based Asset Tracking

Increase asset utilization and decrease non productive time



Automated Material Replenishment (E-Kanban)

Reduce levels of in process inventory and implement Just-in-Time production


Work in Process

Work in Process (WIP) Tracking

Enable flexible manufacturing, track the rework process and effectively handle product recalls




Maintain material flow between plants