Reduce levels of in process inventory and implement Just-in-Time production

eKanban is simply a method of automated material replenishment. With a typical Kanban system there are multiple colored or barcoded cards arranged in a board to indicate when a component needs to be replenished on the production line.

Over time, the standard Kanban method has been impaired due to lost or misplaced cards, damaged cards, or unreadable barcodes. With eKanban an RFID tag is placed directly on the bin or container and an automatic notification is sent to the storage location to request replenishment of a specific item. This eliminates the need for a Kanban board and limits operator error by fully automating the replenishment process.

Electronic Kanban has proven to be effective at:

  • Reducing levels of in-process inventory
  • Implementing Just-in-Time inventory flow, both internally and with outside vendors
  • Eliminating manual entry, thereby increasing overall productivity and reducing errors