Food industry

Guaranteed for high hygienic standards

The food industry is subject to some of the strictest hygienic and quality regulations in the industry. Only if these high standards are built into the machine design can the desired high quality of the final product be achieved. Balluff offers many sensors and system solutions for hygienic applications which ensure the highest reliability and flexibility in challenging conditions.

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The dairy industry is subject to some very strict hygienic and quality regulations. This is why a real-time capable and transparent production process with modular production lines is indispensable for efficient production. Only in this way can traceability and flexibility be ensured. Our comprehensive product portfolio enables you to optimally configure your equipment and machines for meeting the demands of your customers.

Vehicle detection
Colored label detection
Object detection during production
Checking the presence of the container for secure filling
Level detection in a yogurt tank

Meat processing

Cleanliness has the highest priority in the meat processing industry as well. Only if hygienic standards are taken into account when the machine is designed, can the desired high quality of the end product be ensured. We offer a wide range of sensors for hygienic areas that provide the greatest reliability even in harsh application conditions.

Position detection in hygienic areas
Level checking in the mixer/grinder
Detecting the PDF417 code on the delivered raw product