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Get off to the optimal start in steel production

Get off to the optimal start in steel production

No ifs or buts: the highest priority in a steel plant is an uninterrupted process. Meet these high requirements from the very start. Balluff provides you with highly reliable solutions for a wide variety of tasks pertaining to coking plant machines, the coke oven battery and conveying equipment.

Just where things get really hot is where our rugged BTL magnetostrictive linear position sensor will get the job done at up to 100 ºC. It reliably controls all movements during oven charging in the coking plant. The oven controller is monitored by an Ex protected position measuring system which is perfectly designed for the gas environment. And for tracking the relative positions of larry cars, pusher cars, and transfer cars at the coke oven battery, we offer our Industrial RFID, which boasts a large read/write distance, fast data transmission, high data integrity, and operates without line-of-sight contact.

Application examples

Position detection at the pusher machine
Coke oven battery control
For all movements at the coke oven battery
Control the pusher cars