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Maximum flexibility for various formats

Maximum flexibility for various formats

As efficiency increases, so do the demands on continuous casting lines. Large forces, vibrations and shock have to be controlled in the continuous casting line: at the ingot mold movement for the homogeneity of the fluid metal or at the walking-beam for transport of slabs or billets. Comprehensive monitoring measures are, therefore, indispensable.

But the investment pays off, because only in this way can you prevent costly pouring interruptions before they happen, improve the quality of the product, and increase your offering variety.

The steel quality is determined at the continuous casting segments. The desired properties are achieved depending on the gradient, temperature and time of the reshaping. Therefore, maximum flexibility and peak reliability are required for the technology. Balluff sensors and systems provide you with security and guarantee a continuous process for a wide variety of product formats. Thanks to automatic format changing, every new customer requirement can be responded to in no time

Application examples

Highest safety for casting ladle control
Position sensing at the dummy bar
Fast sensor replacement without leaks
Additional sensor protection when the system is stopped
Checking slab length
Slab transport on the walking beam