Balluff- Excellence in service


Balluff- Excellence in service

In the last 15 years, Balluff's Mexican subsidiary has focused on providing the best service to its customers. But ... What defines a good service? And, why do your customers prefer the services offered by Balluff?

Fernando Rojas

Maintenance supervisor - MartinRea

"I’ve had a good experience with Balluff. Look, I've been working with the brand for about 10 years now. I’ve tried to introduce Balluff’s products to other companies because it’s what I’ve learned to work with, all the sensors installed at the first company that I worked at were Balluff brand and, since then, I´ve worked at other companies which use different sensor providers but none of them match Balluff’s ease of use.”


"As for the use of their technology, I have been implementing some new technologies like I/O, which is something we recently started working on, something that we discovered thanks to the attention they pay to us by getting involved in the projects that we will be working on. They keep me up to date and let me know if new things can be implemented to our operations in a certain area ... that is what helps me improve my development and, above all, to improve the performance that has allowed us to achieve our goals."


"I think one of Balluff’s main features, is their service. I believe that it is best to keep providers as close as possible in order to be able to meet planned dates, because time is expensive here, every minute the plant remains down, comes with very high costs. That is why service promptness is one of the main indicators.

Balluff also has another very important feature, they make things easier; regardless of the service, communication, the way of mapping and doing the work, if you do it in a simpler way, it saves you time. There is no need to invest in programming or setting a sensor if it is already done by default, if the technology comes in ways that are easier to apply, then that is another important point.

Kristian Navarro

Manufacturing Engineer - MartinRea

"After three and a half years, so far, my experience with Balluff has been excellent. They offer great Technical Support. Generally, I think, their work and the teamwork we have developed with the company has always been very good.


"I think that one of our joint achievements (with Balluff) has been providing solutions to the issues of our end consumers in an efficient and timely manner. In terms of savings, we have had good saving rates compared with other brands, and we have been able to define several projects in which we have had all the support, from the proposals to the start-up."


"We are very grateful to Balluff for all the technical support they have provided to us, because the experience is worth a lot. When they offer you a product and questions arise about its implementation: What if this happens? And if something goes wrong? We try to bring together our experiences of what goes on inside the production plant, with the knowledge of our supplier and that’s what makes things really work ".