Balluff, your ally for Industry 4.0 implementation

Balluff, your ally for Industry 4.0 implementation
Balluff, your ally for Industry 4.0 implementation

On 23 to 25 August, Balluff presented in the Manufacturing Symposium Autoparts event, the wide range of solutions for sensing and automation that offer, and that helps its customers to enable IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 implementation in their processes.

In addition to having products on display during this 3-day business meeting, Balluff de México presented the conference: Why Manufacturing managers should pay attention to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0?, given by Will Healy III, Strategic Marketing Manager of Balluff Inc.-subsidiary of Balluff in the United States.


During his conference, Will Healy said that key motivators to start with the implementation of IIoT and Industry 4.0 are: Flexible Manufacturing and production efficiency, being downtime reduction one of the main factors that companies seek in their processes. In fact, a 50% of reduction in downtime would be possible thanks to these new trends. According to Morgan Standley "... it is estimated that 70% of companies are planning to invest 20% of its capital in data analysis, cloud services (Cloud computing) and Big Data," said Will, who also said that a 18% of growth is expected in the capital budget for all investments related to IIoT. Considering the whole picture of growth and technological development, Will highlighted the importance of having full plant visibility from the field level devices and sensors, to the control system, and all thanks to the IO-Link technology, which works as an "Industrial USB", simplifying all wiring and connectivity, plus it enables the transfer of data and information.


He also shared a successful case concerning Balluff Inc's foray to the Industry 4.0, where they automated its facilities warehouse in Florence Kentucky, using of course Balluff technologies. He described the implementation of a system to remotely monitor and control what happens at each point of the shipment process.


One of the Will´s recommendations we highlight during the conference is: Build a team.

Knowing the information that each area needs is very important, por example what information need which people, at what time, and how they need it; this will help the timely decision making. He also mentioned the importance of having an Information Technology Engineer or "IT", involved in the development and implementation of the plan for the proper information.


Finally, Will Healy ended with the following thought: "... do not go home thinking that you need to take away all in your company and throw it away to have an empty plant, and then build this incredible, connected, terminator style factory. What I mean is that you can start making these targeted and purposeful decisions, so you can achieve flexibility in your manufacturing processes and can make your production much more efficient."