Balluff's New Family of Compact Photoelectric Sensors

Balluff's New Family of Compact Photoelectric Sensors

Robust space saving flat-pack photoelectric sensor

Balluff’s new family of flat pack compact photoelectric sensors provide a powerful solution for demanding environments and industries with space restrictions. The sensors, which include a stainless-steel housing, are resistant to aggressive cleaning agents, chemicals, coolants or other media and meet the requirements for packaging, food & beverage industries.

"The new flat pack photoelectric family augments our very successful flat pack inductive proximity sensors" said Jack Moermond, Balluff photoelectric product manager. "These sensors are perfect for detecting objects at small to medium ranges in confined locations. In addition, the stainless housing with IP67/IP69K rating means they can withstand the most demanding environments."

The sensors are available in multiple versions:

  • Diffuse with ranges up to 100 mm
  • Polarized retroreflective with ranges up to one meter
  • Through beam with ranges up to 2.2 meters

With a precise, uniform visible red-light beam, alignment is easy, and objects are reliably detected. Balluff’s attention to quality, superior sensor design, and performance means better reliability, less down time and higher productivity.

  • Fully enclosed, laser welded stainless steel housing
  • Small, homogeneous pin-point red light spot
  • Chemical-resistant optics, ECOLAB tested 316L stainless steel meets requirements of packaging, food & beverage industries
  • Space saving and simple to mount flat pack design with front mounting holes and compact dimensions