Balluff's New True Color Sensor with IO-Link

Balluff's New True Color Sensor with IO-Link

BFS 33M with IO-Link press

Outstanding technical features open up numerous fields of application

Verification of product color is a constant challenge for many industries. Balluff is pleased to announce the BFS 33M true color sensor with IO-Link that provides a solution to this challenge. This sensor is able to detect the smallest nuances or shade differences while disregarding surface textures.

"As technology has progressed, true color sensors have been developed that not only can compare colors, but measure them more accurately than the human eye," shares Jack Moermond, Balluff Photoelectric Product Marketing Manager. "Balluff's true color sensors use white LEDs to provide a greater color spectrum evaluation. Combine this with the CIELAB Lab color space, which is one of the most versatile color systems, and the result is a color sensor that meets or exceeds the human eye". Lab color space includes all possible colors, exceeding the range of the RGB color model.

Due to the technology, a true color sensor can check only a small spot of color, but it can check this spot amazingly fast—up to 1.5 kHz with a range of 400 mm. Unlike a color sensor camera, which will focus on the object’s surface pattern and might cause false readings, the true color sensor will ignore patterns, thus providing more accurate color detection.


  • Flexibility through configuration and parameterization with IO-Link
  • Configure and store up to 256 true color programs
  • Fiber optic-based, with sensing ranges up to 400mm
  • True color sensor that exceeds the performance of RGB sensors
  • Best fit and precise sensing modes