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IO-Link power supplies
IO-Link power supplies

Intelligent Power Supply Units - IP20 Compact Power Supply with Heartbeat Technology

When dealing with power supply units, its always nice to have some precious realty space. The smaller the power supplies, the more space that can be saved– ponentially reducing the cabinet size. Balluff IP20 compact power supplies offer all the same convenience as a standard Din rail power supplies with a 44% smaller size. Heartbeat technology and optional IO-Link functions can offer potential cost benefits. The power supply is often replaced long before it is necessary to prevent the risk of failure of automation components and the loss of productivity of the machine and the system. Using the added feature of the Heartbeat provides insightful information about the health of power supply offering longer life and cost benefits.

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The Balluff Difference Balluff’s HEARTBEAT® function, which consists of stress level indicator, load level indicator and life expectancy indicator, lets the user visually know how the power supply is doing and when a power supply would need to be replaced. Ultimately this will allow users to use the full life of the power supply, years longer than the standard replacement time. The Heartbeat function provides a visual indication of the life expectancy shown by the color of the hourglass (described below) to inform when a replacement is needed during a planned maintenance.

The load level (Bars) provides information about the actual load condition on the output. During the powering up of the system, the power supply can take up to 150% of the load for 4 seconds, allowing a surge of power. If the standard load is too much for one power supply, the bar level will turn yellow. This will indicate either load needs to be removed or another power supply is needed. By taking action to reduce the load, this will ensure there would not be any damage to the power supply.

The stress indicator (Pulse) of a power supply takes into account the load as well as the ambient temperature to determine the stress level. Temperature is one of the factors that will reduce the life of a power supply. Simple changes can prolong the use of a power supply. If the stress level is up but not the load level, it is a clear indicator the temperature is too high and is causing stress on the power supply. By quickly reducing the temperature, there is minimal effect on the life of the power supply.

Visually the HEARTBEAT® function informs users of the life expectancy display (Hour glass) with a minimum service life of 15 years at 100% load and 40ºC. When the light turns yellow, the estimated time left on the power supply at standard operating conditions is about three years. The red hourglass indicates it is time to replace the power supply.

The three indicators help operators to use the power supply within an optimal range. The IP20 Heartbeat line has decreased in size to save in cabinet space. Balluff’s compact power supplies minimized in size as well as increased in efficiency. The control system can then alert operators for counter actions to prolong the use of the power supply to the maximum possible life.


  • Minimum 44% decrease in size
  • High energy efficiency ( >93% effciency)
  • Electrically durable (power boost 150% for 4 seconds)
  • Long lasting (minimum service life of 15 years at 100% load and 40ºC)
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • IO-Link Clip integrated
  • Galvanic isolation between power and IO-Link

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