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Long range Industrial RFID system

Long-range traceability

BIS U is a long range system which operates at the FCC approved standard frequency, 902-928mHz. The U system can read tags up to 6m away. Like the M system, there are U tags designed for high temperature applications up to 220C. This system is common for addressing logistics or work in Process applications that may require a read range greater than 1ft.

Quite possibly the most versatile passive RFID system available, UHF can address a myriad of applications due to its flexible read ranges, high-speed reading and multi-tagging capability.

The most important benefits

  • Global standard ISO 18000-6C and EPC Gen2 Class1
  • Read ranges from a couple centimeters up to 6 m and more
  • Capable of reading multiple tags at once
  • Can interface with PC or PLC

System components

UHF data carriers (860/960 MHz)

UHF read/write heads and antennas (860/960 MHz)

Portable UHF read/write units (860/960 MHz)

UHF processor units (860/960 MHz)