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Capacitive sensors

Reliable object and level detection

Balluff's capacitive sensors are not only superior in object and level detection applications, but they are also highly specialized for a wide range of challenging applications. The capacitive sensors consists of high temperature and pressure ratings, stainless steel and PTFE housings for harsh environments, a wide supply voltage range and especially compact form factors.

Balluff capacitive sensors are ideal for presence detection of nonmetallic objects and levels of granulates, powders, viscous media or liquids, whether conductive water-based or non-conductive fluids such as oil.

The industry standard capacitive sensors are M12 to M30 tubular housings. However, small parts detection or installations in tight mounting spaces require smaller form factors, therefore Balluff developed a capacitive product line that offers a large selection of sizes and form factors including miniature remote amplified versions.

Capacitive object detection sensors from Balluff employ a straight-line electrical field which is optimized for detection of solid bodies (e.g. wafers, PCBs, cartons, paper stacks, bottles, plastic blocks and plates) and liquid level detection through non-metallic container walls made of glass and plastic (thickness max. 4 mm).

Capacitive sensors for level detection use a spherical field to detect the product, bulk material or liquid (e.g. plastic granulate, sugar, oil, aqueous media) directly or through a container wall.

Balluff's patented hybrid capacitive technology sensor series detects water-based conductive media through thick glass and plastic walls while compensating for moisture, foam and material build-up.


  • Contact-free
  • Wide range of housings
  • Variety of sensing technologies for the most demanding applications
  • Miniature versions for space limited applications

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