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Magnetic linear and rotary encoders

Setting a new standard for precision in magnetic encoders

Balluff's proprietary magnetizing process brings a new level of accuracy to magnetic encoders. The stronger, more sharply defined magnetic poles produced by Balluff’s Permagnet® technology deliver higher practical system accuracy, enabling Balluff encoders to be more tolerant of variation in the working distance between the encoder read head and the tape. Permagnet® technology reduces dispersion and distortion of the magnetic field throughout the specified working range, reducing the influence of gap-distance variation on the accuracy of the position measurement in real-world applications.

Balluff's magnetic encoder technology has advanced to the point that it can challenge general-purpose optical scale encoders. Magnetic encoders can deliver equal or better performance than many optical encoders, with higher robustness and lower total cost.


  • Resolution to 1µm, accuracy to ± 10μm
  • Repeatability / Hysteresis to ±1 increment
  • High-speed, real-time operation
  • Non-contact and wear-free
  • Highly immune to contamination by dirt and liquids
  • Resists shock and vibration
  • Incremental, absolute, or hybrid interfaces
  • Low-profile tape and compact sensors
  • Measurement lengths up to 48 m

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