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Ultrasound sensors

Precise - reliable

Whether for position detection, distance detection or detection of powdery and fluid media – our ultrasound sensors are precise all-rounders.

They measure fill levels, heights and sag without making contact as well as count and monitor the presence of objects. Universally applicable, they work independently of color and surface texture. Unaffected by transparent objects with strong reflections. Fog, dust and impurities are also not a problem for them.

Their high resolution and small blind spots guarantee the highest precision. And with a large detection area, even larger object distances are no impediment for them.

Ultrasound sensors from Balluff differ in their output signals. By means of a switching version and an analog version, they are able to both reliably detect and count objects as well as determine distances with extreme precision. This guarantees versatile application.

A further benefit: Our ultrasonic sensors have different output functions and can be used as NC or NO contacts.


  • Contactless detection
  • Reliable in critical environmental conditions such as fog, dust and impurities
  • Irrespective of color, transparency, reflection properties and surface finish on the object
  • Precise recognition of even smaller objects
  • Rectangular and cylindrical heads allow for greater freedom of design

Product families

Ultrasonic sensors with a digital output

Ultrasonic sensors with analog output

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