High Durability
Sensors for rough production conditions

Harsh Applications in Automation Solutions

Every manufacturer has challenges; whether it is due to high temperatures, weld spatter, debris, impact or chemicals. In these applications, broken sensors, cables or brackets can cause increased downtime, unnecessary maintenance, delayed delivery and lost profit. Balluff presents a complete package of solutions that extends sensor life and increases productivity in the harshest of environments.

Best Practices for Component Survivability

When working in harsh environments, it is important to take a multiple angle approach when designing the application.


1. Select the Right Sensor

Taking into account multiple aspects of the application: how is the sensor being used, what environment is being exposed, and why is the current installation continuously failing?


2. Protect the Sensor

Balluff offers one of the widest varieties of accessories designed for applying sensors in harsh environments.


3. Connect with Protection

The cable can be lynchpin to a successful application.


4. Learn with continuous improvement

By learning from failures and analyzing the situation, we can increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce headaches for everyone all around.

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