Magnetic-field immune, Factor 1 inductive full metal sensors

Magnetic-field immune, Factor 1 inductive full metal sensors


Robust functionality in especially harsh environments

The use of a new technology means Balluff's Factor 1, full metal sensors in the M18 housing guarantee you robust functionality in especially harsh environments. With full stainless housings, they are outstanding for detecting changing objects (steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.) with no difference in switching distance and without reduction factor.

They remain extremely reliable even in direct contact with the detection object since the sensing surface is designed for impacts, as well as mechanical loads and abrasive media.

Our Factor 1, full metal sensors are magnetic-field immune, meaning they are unaffected by strong electromagnetic fields such as those found in induction hardening or welding environments. With the optional ceramic coating, they also withstand weld splatter with no problem.


  • High switching distance for steel and alloys
  • Magnetic-field-immune and extremely rugged ceramic coating for harsh environments
  • IP68 and extended temperature range for the highest requirements
  • High precision and flexible application, even with changing target objects