Customer-specific solutions
Customer-specific solutions

Custom products made to measure – from preassembly to engineering services.

All sensors, systems and accessory products from Balluff can be adapted and individually redesigned for your specific needs. The foundation for this is a fast feasibility assessment in which we precisely identify and evaluate your needs. Based on this, you decide whether you want to use a standard product or a custom fabrication.

Our offerings extend from simple housing modifications to engineering integration and preassembly to complex programming. With the optimal solution for your application. Your commissioning is made faster through preassembled products matched to the application and you can avoid test runs with fault-related breakdowns. This way you increase the efficiency of your installation.

The most important benefits

  • Quick and transparent feasibility assessment
  • Optimal solution for your application
  • Competitive advantages through maximum efficiency
  • Custom software user interface

    Optimize the use of industrial RFID with your customized user interface.

    The operation of your handheld devices is significantly easier if the user interface is custom-tailored for your application. Usability is greatly increased, for example, if each user receives only the data relevant to him/her.

    Our software engineers implement your specifications after detailed analysis and consultation to individually optimize the user interface for your application.

    With this, you always have all the relevant data at a glance and can more easily write to and read your data carriers on the go. At the same time, you focus your corporate identity in this medium as well and no longer need to resort to your own IT division.

  • Custom RFID data carriers

    Faster installation and more comfort with preprogrammed RFID data carriers.

    If only reading will be done on the assembly line or only small goods containers are to be identified, it is often sufficient to write a consecutive number or a specific code on the data carrier.

    We are happy to take on this programming task for you. You then receive already-written LF, HF or UHF data carriers from the factory which are immediately ready to use. And save lots of time in the course of operations. We only need your data, your preferred format and the section of the data carrier on which they should be stored.

    Use our service for more comfort and fast activation.

    The most important benefits

    • Cost-effective – no need to hold onto separate hardware for writing
    • Time-saving, since the writing-routine programming can be eliminated completely
    • Simple reorders with the same standards