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Flexible solutions for automation in battery manufacturing

Electro mobility demands quality and economy

More and more drivers are switching: 'Drive electric' is the new maxim, because climate change and limited fossil fuels require alternative solutions to combustion engines. Technological progress in battery development has placed electro mobility in the forefront.

Batteries are the heart of electric cars. Producing high quality batteries economically requires flexible and efficient automation solutions. Balluff has many years of automation and automobile experience. We offer you future-oriented technologies for wide-ranging and flexible solutions to automate your battery manufacturing, both in the manufacture of battery cells and in battery assembly.

Battery cell production: Quality assurance from the very start

A single bad battery cell is enough to negatively impact an entire battery pack. Delayed quality control can result in high scrap rates, which could be reduced by reviewing quality throughout the battery manufacturing process. Automation in battery manufacturing is a decisive factor in quality assurance. It allows quality to be continuously and effectively monitored at each step in the process.

Our high-quality sensor, identification and network solutions help you to produce high-quality batteries. Our fork sensors, for example, ensure web edge control of electrode films in calendering. Contrast sensors let you know in time when a film roll is running out. Our photoelectric distance sensors are used for diameter monitoring. And our camera systems compare, check and control widths, contours and positions. This allows process defects to be detected early and corrected.

Application examples in battery cell production

Inclination sensors for continuous roll guiding

Monitoring diameter with photoelectric sensors

Web edge control using fork sensors

Safety sensors secure guard doors

Battery module production: Traceability and flexibility in all production steps

Uninterrupted traceability of all production and origin-related data is indispensable in battery module production. Only then can you verify the process steps include all components and are quality assured. Balluff is at your side for these tasks with a wide range of RFID systems.

With battery cell size changes, differing contacting, and various installation situations in the packs, battery technology is being constantly improved. Production equipment must be correspondingly flexible and quickly adapted to this continuous improvement. Balluff helps you here with flexible solutions: Inductive couplers, for example, enable non-contact power and data transmission. These units make mechanical plug contacts superfluous and thus reduce wiring effort and expense. By automating battery manufacturing, you meet new challenges in the shortest possible time and made your processes flexible.

To detect irregularities early or prevent critical operating states, our LED SmartLight stack lights are an ideal solution. And our SmartCameras reliably read the codes on the battery cells.

Application examples in battery module production

Using inductive couplers to flexibly transmit data and power

Reliable position sensing using inductive Factor 1 sensors

Process visualization using flexible SmartLights

Automatic identification and tracking using RFID

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