Magnetic encoder with IO-Link interface

Magnetic encoder with IO-Link interface

Magnetic encoder with IO-Link interface

Absolute measuring system – Developed for measurement and positioning tasks

When other travel measuring systems are too large, slow, imprecise or inflexible; you can count on the BML-SL1 absolute magnetic encoder. Whether you need to measure linear or rotary movements, angles, short or long travel distances or alternatively, if you want to use fast, accuracy format changes.

Versatile – measure positions and end stops with absolute accuracy

Whenever high absolute accuracy is needed for positions and end stops, the BML SL1 magnetic absolute encoder is the ideal choice. Specifically developed for meauring and positioning tasks, it is super-fast, highly precise and can be used in any industry. The encoder is compact, making it easy to integrate. It is simple to use and at the same time extremely cost effective.

An integrated IO-Link interface offers flexibility and convenience

Special flexibility comes from its built-in IO-Link interface. Using IO-Link you can output position information and easily view it on the controller. With IO-Link you monitor the target position and continually check positions during the move. Format setup and adjustments are also quick and simple. Furthermore, IO-Link allows you to conveniently connect to the measuring system. The BML SL1 gives you the virtues of a magnetic tape system with the most innovative interface on the control world.


  • Easy connection and position display via IO-Link
  • Distance detection up to 8 m, maximum accuracy
  • Extensive parameterization functions as well as diagnostic and status information via IO-Link provide greater flexibility
  • Simple to install, reliable operation with a generous read distance of up to 1.3 mm
  • Versatile: Optional analog measurement output for control applications