Laser Distance Sensor with IO-Link and Additional Features

Precision laser sensor for absolute accuracy in distance measurement of objects

When you need precise measurement of object distance, our IO-Link distance sensor is the ideal choice. Whether you want to, for example, precisely determine the location of a component or simply need reliable stack height detection, it delivers absolute accuracy.

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Its fine, clearly delineated laser beam lets you detect even the smallest objects with precision. You can also individually set the measuring range of the sensor, thanks to the analog output curve which can be adjusted to your application.

The sensor also offers a switching output which you can use as a limit switch. You can set it, for example, so that the sensor switches when there is no replenishment.

And setting the sensor is easy. Both the switching point and the output curve can be taught using a simple key. Installation is fast using a mounting bracket or dovetail clamp, which also speeds up commissioning.


  • Various measuring modes (dark measurement, multiple measurement, transparent mode)
  • Operating hours counter with counting and time functions
  • Statistics recording
  • Precise Class 1 laser (requires no additional protection measures)
  • High resolution (10...100 μm)
  • Metal housing, glass optics
  • Reset input

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