Sun tracking for parabolic troughs

High efficiency through precision tracking and focusing

The solution

To achieve the highest possible level of efficiency in parabolic trough power plants, all troughs must be continuously adjusted to follow the sun's path across the sky. At the same time, the receiver tubes must also be located at the focal point. Practical, reliable sun tracking requires position sensors built to withstand the extreme environmental conditions found in most desert installations, where wide temperature swings can occur throughout the day and night and with the change of seasons. Balluff's magnetic tape and ring encoders deliver the right combination of accuracy, price, and environmental rugged to get the job done.

The features

  • Direct position measurement at the moving member (more accurate and reliable than remote measurement at the motor)
  • Available in a range of accuracy classes to deliver the required performance within the project budget
  • Stable index signal provides a repeatable daily starting reference to obtain stable, low-drift tracking performance over time
Energy, solar energy, guiding parabolic troughs according to the sun's path
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