Precise measurement of rotor speed, direction, and position

Extremely accurate measurement of rotor speed, rotational direction, and determination of rotor lock position

The solution

Balluff's magnetic encoder systems can report the speed of wind turbine rotors with extreme accuracy, even at low speeds. The magnetic tape measurement system is simply wrapped around and attached to the main shaft. The system communicates standard quadrature incremental encoder signals that are compatible with many control systems. The encoder system can determine the direction of rotation and can also provide position feedback to determine the correct position to engage the rotor lock for service.

The encoder system operates without mechanical contact between the reader head and coded track. The generous reading distance of the system tolerates real-world variability in concentricity about the rotational axis, increasing installation flexibility and reducing costs.

The features

  • Adaptable to a wide range of shaft diameters, including very large shaft sizes
  • Simple, space-saving installation
  • Non-contact, wear-free operation for long service life
  • Extremely accurate, even at very low speeds
Energy, wind power, speed measurement
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