Monitor pipette systems

Positioning and monitoring pipette carriages perfectly in real time

The solution

Positioning of a pipette carriage is extremely critical when pipettes are dispensing liquids into a microplate with as many as 1,536 wells. Balluff's magnetically coded position and angle measurement systems can ensure precise positioning to eliminate possible cross contamination and liquid loss. Available in either linear or rotary configurations, the sensing tape and head are incredibly compact providing versatility in mounting. In addition, output signals are available as either incremental or absolute supporting high dynamic position or angle measurement tasks in real-time systems.

The features

  • Very accurate, up to ± 7 µm with resolutions down to 1 µm
  • Very fast, speeds up to 20 m/sec
  • Location is always known with absolute output signal
Life science, liquid handling, monitoring positions of pipetting devices
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