Sensors for rough production conditions
Sensors for rough production conditions

Harsh Applications in Automation Solutions

Every manufacturer has challenges; whether it is due to high temperatures, weld spatter, debris, impact or chemicals. In these applications, broken sensors, cables or brackets can cause increased downtime, unnecessary maintenance, delayed delivery and lost profit. Balluff presents a complete package of solutions that extends sensor life and increases productivity in the harshest of environments.

Best Practices for Component Survivability

When working in harsh environments, it is important to take a multiple angle approach when designing the application.

1. Select the Right Sensor

Taking into account multiple aspects of the application: how is the sensor being used, what environment is being exposed, and why is the current installation continuously failing?

2. Protect the Sensor

Balluff offers one of the widest varieties of accessories designed for applying sensors in harsh environments.

3. Connect with Protection

The cable can be lynchpin to a successful application.

4. Learn with continuous improvement

By learning from failures and analyzing the situation, we can increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce headaches for everyone all around.

High Durability Solutions

  • High Temperature Solutions

    Ultra-high Temperature Resistant

    High temperatures can prematurely damage sensors, tags, and cables causing unplanned downtime in production. Hot environments are hard on equipment, preventive maintenance, and for making improvements to machinery. The nature of this atmosphere makes it hard to have long lasting materials. Balluff offers a state of the art family of sensors, RFID and connectivity solutions designed for extended use in the most scorching situations.

    Balluff's high temperature products change the paradigm of previously acceptable high volume sensor, tag, and cable turnover. They significantly reduce downtime due to failures and boost productivity throughout the plant.

    Sensors for high temperatures in casting

  • Weld Spark Immune Solutions

    Weld-spark resistant sensors, cables, and more

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    Welding is a hot and dirty atmosphere which can cook, melt, and fuse products together causing failures.

    Welding is a rough environment on equipment and maintenance. In these types of surroundings, the life of a sensor, fieldbus blocks, or cable can be shortened by several environmental factors. Common situations causing failures: slag build-up encompassing both the sensor and cable; the weight of debris pulling on the sensor or cable; weld sparks burning through devices causing shorts in the connection; and high temperatures cooking the components. The nature of this atmosphere makes it hard to have long lasting materials.

    Weld resistant products continue working in the harshest environments

    Weld resistant products continue working in the harshest environments.

  • Impact and Loading Solutions

    Preventative measures for unprotected devices

    Stamping and impact conditions can considerably reduce the life of unprotected or non-bunkered devices. Incidental damage caused by parts loading impact can significantly degrade performance, shorten life or even destroy the device. Damage to unprotected sensors and cables caused by impact can stop production and increases maintenance. Standard tubular sensors often fail from damage to the sensor face and coil caused by impact. Over time, repeated contact can cause the face of the sensor to break and lead to sensor failure. Severe loading and continuous operational impact damages sensor faces as well as sensor bodies. Balluff's sensors and accessories extend the life of the components and keeps production moving.

    Every precaution should be taken to prevent electronics, such as sensors and cables, from being hit, but in many cases, loading impact cannot be avoided. By nesting a sensor in a rugged mounting bracket, the likelihood of premature failure becomes lessened and even with repeated impact over time.

    Sensors are designed for high mechanical loads

  • Washdown Solutions

    IP69K, Acid, and Bases Resistant Devices and Components

    When working in an automated manufacturing segment, components need to be able to survive in sanitary, hygienic and aseptic environments. Specifications for equipment look to reduce and remove areas harboring bacteria, dirt and chemicals. Poor survivability for automation components during washdown can be a major cause of downtime and lost production during changeovers and cleaning processes.

    Balluff's washdown portfolio offers ways to detect level and flow of media in a tank or pipe, traceability inside the plant, and retrieval of information. Information can be imported anywhere to see how often the equipment is cleaned, product location, changing of tool installation, and real time of the recipe being run on the floor. From start to finish, Balluff offers solutions for some of the cleanest automation environments.

    Sensors for use in aggressive media: Protection class IP67 and IP69K