Balluff Safety
Balluff Safety

Safety with Balluff quality

Safety is an integral part of automation. The same quality and precision that Balluff is known for in the automation world is now extended to safety with innovative products and solution offerings. Balluff's growing portfolio of safety is focused on minimizing risks to humans while adding innovation to how safety is integrated in the workcell.

Unique: Safety over IO-Link

To increase the efficiency of safety concepts and integrate them in the system control, we have developed a safe I/O module: the Balluff Safety Hub, the first integrated safety solution via IO-Link! Safety over IO-Link is easy to integrate, responds quickly and can replace the control cabinet.

Safety over IO-Link combines automation and safety technology. IO-Link handles communication down to the last meter and provides both sensor/actuator details as well as secure information. State-of-the-art technology, with the Balluff quality and all from a single source.

Freedom to change your system down to the last minute

The modularity scalability offered by the IO-Link technology is now extended to safety functions and the topology. You can easily and quickly adapt your application to changing requirements at any time. Exceptionally flexible down to the last minute.

Product families

  • IO-Link blocks for safety applications

    Safety over IO-Link

    Safety over IO-Link combines safety and automation technology into one system and gives you the best of both worlds. Our IO-Link blocks for safety applications permit applications up to PLe/SIL3 and are equally suitable for the connection of standard commercially available binary sensors and actuators. Thanks to universally usable M12 standard lines, you also save time and money, optimize the machine design, simplify commissioning and increase rationality. In addition, you can group the machine functions and/or machine areas onto a module in a way to optimize the structural overview of the machine.

    IO-Link blocks for safety applications are remotely serviceable via the IO-Link Diagnostic Tools, so in the event of service they can be replaced. This is good for reducing downtimes to a minimum. Their suitability for use in the field permits equipment installations outside of the control cabinet; even under harsh environmental conditions, such as the presence of dust, dirt, oils, water, emulsions or mechanical stresses. In the future, all indicators for connecting actuators, safety switches, safety sensors and even reliable guard locking devices will be directly in the field.


    • Infrastructure for automation and safety technology up to PLe / SIL3 via IO-Link
    • Low maintenance costs when service is needed – diagnosis is thorough and component replacement easy
    • Cost savings thanks to uniform M12 single-ended cordsets
    • Fewer IP addresses necessary
    • Standardized wiring concept, reliable guard locking devices can be connected directly
    • Connection options for nearly any safety device
    IO-Link blocks for safety applications
  • Profisafe over IO-Link

    Safe signal acquisition and communication

    The secure Profisafe I/O module is the first to connect automation and safety technology via IO-Link. All you need is an IO-Link master to make a secure connection. In doing this, you can connect nearly any safety device since the system is open all the way to the sensor.

    Machine protection in one system is accomplished by connecting automation and safety technologies. This is because IO-Link supplies both sensor/actuator details and secure information. With Safety over IO-Link, you get the best of both worlds. And the integration of safety technology is more easily configured than ever before.

    The parameterization is done centrally via the controller. Information relevant to safety is transmitted directly via the master to the controller and allows the use of Profisafe via Profinet ensuring secure communication with the controller.


    • Infrastructure for automation and safety technology up to PLe / SIL3 via IO-Link
    • Low maintenance costs in case of service thanks to comprehensive diagnostics and easy device replacement
    • Lower costs by using uniform M12 single-ended cordsets
    • Reduction of the required IP addresses
    • Standardized wiring concept, reliable guard locking devices can be connected directly
    • Nearly any safety device can be connected
    Profisafe over IO-Link
    Profisafe over IO-Link

    Safety technology and automation. Safety over IO-Link connected.

  • Opto-electronic protective devices

    Reliable personal protection enables fast interaction between man and machine

    Ensure reliable personal protection without wasting space on protective fence structures. Opto-electronic protective devices from Balluff are economical while also providing a high level of protection against manipulation. Our contactless protective devices (BWS) detect fingers, hands or bodies in operating areas in which operators of machines can be endangered and stops safety-critical movements immediately.


    • Finger, hand and body detection for convenient and fast interaction between man and machine
    • Defined protected area with infrared protection field – suitable for safety applications up to PLe/SIL3
    • Reliable machine stoppage of safety-critical movements
    • Better space utilization by eliminating the need for protective fence structures
    • High level of manipulation protection
    Opto-electronic protective devices
    Opto-electronic protective devices

  • Safety switches and safety sensors

    Sturdy locking mechanisms with the highest level of reliability

    Our safety switches and safety sensors for diverse application scenarios provide protection for both people and machines. Optionally, you can also obtain them as reliable guard locking equipment. The safety switches and sensors work with a variety of operating principles: Electromechanical and contactless: which means inductive, REED or RFID-supported. In every case, you can save time and money thanks to universal-use M12 standard cables. You can also avoid wiring errors and get increased rationality in the process.

    Our REED safety switches, which are insensitive to self-seating doors, ensure wear-free access control. With an optional spacing element, you can even install these magnetically coded safety sensors in a ferromagnetic environment. Operators who are assigned with the monitoring of protective doors will greatly benefit from the transponder-coded RFID safety sensors because of their high level protection against manipulation.

    The direct monitoring of robot working ranges and limit positions of metallic tool carriers can be accomplished electromechanically, but most easily with our inductive safety sensors. Unlike traditional safety switches, they require no special mating part. They can be directly connected to the secure I/O module, which bundles all signals and forwards them via IO-Link to the master module to the evaluate the unit. In doing so, you are able to benefit from all the advantages of Industry 4.0.


    • A wide variety of application possibilities
    • Heavy duty housing versions include a LED function indicator
    • Suitable for safety applications up to PLe/SIL3
    • Savings of time and money plus prevention of errors thanks to standardized M12 connection technology
    • Reduced installation expense and space requirements
    • Suitable for heavy protective equipment
    • Manipulation-resistant
    • Tolerant of vibrations and inexact door guides
    Safety switches and safety sensors
  • Safety command devices

    Quickly stop machines if necessary

    Safe operation of automatic equipment falls under a company's duty of care responsibility. An Emergency Stop device must be available at all times as a supplementary safety measure. Our very visible and easily accessible command unit triggers an immediate Stop command whenever necessary and is therefore ideal for personnel protection functions.


    • Reliable disconnection of the power supply
    • Positive opening operation in accordance with IEC 60947-5-1
    • Pluggable connection with M12 (5-pin)
    • Turn-to-release mushroom pushbutton
    • High degree of protection against dust and water
    • Compact housing, easy installation
    Safety command devices
    Safety command devices