Wind power
Energy, wind power

Absolute reliability for onshore and offshore wind farms

Modern wind power plants produce approximately 20 times more electricity than plants 20 years ago, all with a simultaneous reduction in cost. Still, wind farms are a substantial capital outlay that demand high availability for a dependable return on investment. To ensure this, all system components must operate with extreme reliably.

For many years, Balluff has worked together with leading turbine manufacturers to develop sensors, measurement systems, and associated solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the wind energy industry, in both onshore and offshore wind farms.

Application examples

Orient nacelles to the wind
Hydraulic pitch control for turbine blades
Minimize wear in bearings and drive trains
Monitor rotor speed
Precise measurement of rotor speed, direction, and position
Monitor generator or alternator shaft speed
Verification of maintenance position for rotor lock cylinders and blade pitch cylinders
Monitor wind turbine tower deflection
Monitor disk brake pad and rotor wear
Monitor the fill levels of oil and coolant