Spindles, chucks, rotary and swivel tables
Spindles, chucks, rotary and swivel tables

Innovating automation in 360 degrees

For applications with a rotational component, traditional applications become more difficult. Confined spaces and access to the axis of rotation make size, weight and form-factor very important aspects to consider. Monitoring on spindles and chucks can be used to ensure proper clamping or even measurement of the fixed component. Rotary and swivel tables with continuous turning can cause trouble for cables and connectivity. Solutions to connect the automation to the controller across the axis of rotation are innovating automation across the industry.

Application examples

Monitoring clamping distances with discrete sensors
Monitoring clamping distances with a distance sensor
Monitoring clamping distances with position sensors
Sending signals and data on swivel tables
Determining position of rotary tables
Detecting Open/Closed position in clamping cylinders