Integrated encoders for linear and rotary drives
Linear and rotary drives

High-precision encoders for direct integration into drives

Balluff's magnetic encoder systems feature proprietary magnetizing technology that assures precise pole-to-pole spacing, high flux density, and extremely uniform magnetic field strength. High-quality magnetic targets are key to delivering high encoder accuracy. Benefits include wider operating gaps, lower hysteresis, higher repeat accuracy, and reduced linearity deviation.

Form factors include linear tape, radial ring, and off-axis ring or disk, with pole spacings of 1, 2, and 5 mm. Magnetic tracks can be coded for either incremental or absolute information.

Balluff magnetic track readers are available with a variety of output signals including standard quadrature incremental, SSI absolute, BiSS-C absolute, and analog Sin/Cos.

Balluff also offers application-specific engineering capabilities for both magnetic targets and track readers.

Application examples

Custom-tailored feedback solutions for linear and rotary drives
Absolute motor shaft position in real time
High-precision position feedback for rotary valve actuators