Blast furnaces and arc furnaces
Blast and arc furnaces

High process reliability...around the clock and for years to come

At no other place in the steel mill is process reliability more important than at the blast and arc furnaces. Once commissioned, a blast furnace must operate around the clock over the course of years.

Maintaining control system reliability in the face of high temperatures and strong magnetic fields is a top priority for dependable accomplishment of tasks such as water cooling, the safe supply and discharge of gas when producing pig iron in a blast furnace, and correct positioning of electrodes in an arc furnace. With a broad base of technologies and operating principles, Balluff provides sensors and systems that solve a wide variety of applications in the steel industry.

Application examples

Orientation of electrodes in arc furnaces
Positioning of electrodes in arc furnaces
Regulation of air and gas supply in blast furnaces
Cooling water and hydraulic systems pressure measurement
Bulk level monitoring of ore charges and coke supply