Hot rolling and heavy plate production
Hot rolling and Heavy plate production

High-performance sensors for high-performance mills

From hot rolling to heavy plate production, powerful forces are at work to re-shape steel slabs into finished sheet products. In addition to the heat of the hot slab itself, the "working" of the steel produces friction and heat, often requiring water cooling to control temperatures. Sensors applied at the rolling stand must withstand constant exposure to water, humidity, and sometimes corrosive byproducts like acids. Another area where water and corrosive effects can take their toll on sensors is the scale breaker or scale cracker, where high-pressure water is directed at the slab to remove broken scale from hot slabs, resulting in a cascade of hot water, steam, and corrosive contaminants all over the immediate vicinity.

Balluff is a leading supplier of rugged sensing technologies optimized to withstand the rigors of steel production while delivering exceptional sensing performance.

Application examples

Industrial fieldbus and Ethernet I/O modules
Slab guidance in the rolling stand
Setting the roll gap precisely
Quality assurance at the rolling stand
Correct identification of slabs and coils