Measuring level
Measuring level

Whether it's continuous fill level measurement, limit value detection or both combined: Balluff offers a wide range of solutions for process control, storage or protection. Depending on the installation situation, media properties and environmental conditions, we offer optimum sensors that only have one goal: Efficient processes.

You can choose between contact-free or with contact. Balluff sensor technology can also be used to measure the fill levels of liquid, paste-like and granular media through tank walls. Our sensors also satisfy the strict regulations of the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as medical technology.

Application examples

Measuring fill levels
Continuous fill level monitoring
Detect Liquids in Pipettes
Monitoring blood levels
The right level for drying
Controlling the filling process
Accurate noninvasive point level detection
Invasive or direct level detection
Monitor the fill levels of oil and coolant
Level monitoring of charges and coke