UHF Short-Range Read/Write Head BIS VU-320

UHF Short-Range Read/Write Head BIS VU-320

UHF Short-Range Read/Write Head BIS VU-320

Compact design, 1 m range, automatic configuration

BIS V now also speaks UHF

The new BIS VU-320 write/read head expands the range of BIS-V products by adding UHF functionality. The compact UHF read/write head offers function and status LED indicators that can be easily seen from any direction. With a typical reading range of 1 m, the UHF system is especially suited to monitoring production processes, controlling material flow and for use in assembly plants. It is also ideal for traceability solutions due to its multi-tagging capability which allows up to 50 data carriers to be detected at once.

Auto-Set-up at the touch of a button

A highlight is the integrated Power Scan function. It offers automatic matching to the UHF data carrier being used, and ensures optimal configuration in any application without cumbersome manual setting of parameters. This is possible with the touch of a button on the device itself: The BIS VU-320 is the only device in its class in the world to have an auto set-up function. The read/write head automatically adjusts itself to the local conditions, which minimizes start up times.

Versatile – very robust

The robust design of the short-range read/write head is ideal for harsh environments. The use of standard connection cables for the BIS V processor unit makes it possible to use a cable length of up to 50 m for the read head/write head.


  • All standard interfaces available with the BIS-V
  • Function and status LEDs visible from any direction
  • Typical read range 1 m
  • Multi-tag capable (maximum of 50 data carriers)
  • Integrated Power Scan function
  • Auto-setup at the press of a button
  • Standard connection cables can be used
UHF Short-range reader