Human Machine Interface

User-friendly representation of information

With our controllers and display devices, you know at all times what and where things stand with production and exactly where a tool is located. This enables you to reliably monitor the status of machines/systems and implement the output signals from the sensors optically or acoustically.

Our displays and the LED signal light known as SmartLight, display sizes physically. This way, you can recognize the operating state of your machine at a glance.

The controllers evaluate the results from industrial cameras and other sensors, review them and pass them on to the host controller. This pre-processing makes sure that only the important parameters are obtained and are transmitted over the customer network to a central controller – which protects the entire production environment from data overload.

The most important benefits

  • Simple operation
  • Industrial type form factors and mounting concepts
  • Standardized linking to the company network environment

Product families

SmartLight – LED stack lights


Industrial Controllers