All-in-One Read Write Solution with Ethernet IP Interface

all-in-one solution with Ethernet/IP interface
all-in-one solution with Ethernet/IP interface

Fieldbus interface, processor unit and antenna in one compact device

The all-in-one solution with Ethernet/IP interface is a processor and antenna in one compact device. The system helps create process visibility while saving time, space, and unnecessary cost. For example in assembling high-value goods in aggregate construction. This provides production security, enables fast correction runs and prompt adjustments when requirements change.

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RFID systems record every process step – all the production parts used, all materials and process fluids including time, location and sequence. This execution-, process- and origin information are automatically documented and are available in real time. These data are sent to the BIS M-4006 reader and from there to the PLC.

The BIS M-4006 reader is the most scaleable and future proof system available. Simple daisy chaining allows for quick production line expansion without having to establish an entirely new network architecture.


  • Save time, space and start-up cost with direct Ethernet/IP connection
  • Status LEDs for quick trouble shooting and short downtimes
  • Simple network integration with integrated 2-port switch, supports RT and IRT
  • Can be installed directly on metal – rugged zinc die-case housing
  • IP 67 for use in harsh industrial environments
  • Integrated web server for diagnostics and reading/writing

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