Ceramic Caps for Inductive Sensors

Ceramic Caps for Inductive Sensors
Ceramic Caps for Inductive Sensors

Caps Add Layer of Protection from High Heat and Weld Spatter

Tight manufacturing monitoring processes, like those found in seat frame, IP frame/cage and air bag canister frame assembly, require myriads of flush sensors. Many of these products are made of aluminum and magnesium/ aluminum alloys for weight reduction purposes. This significantly reduces sensing capabilities and requires sensors to be placed in tight proximity to the parts being monitored — and right in harm's way.

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Sensors are often placed in weld fixture locations where they are routinely exposed to rough conditions including high heat, abrasion and impact, all of which can cause them to misread or stop working completely. Balluff's ceramic caps provide sensor protection when moving the sensors isn't an option.

Balluff's ceramic caps are end protectors for flush-mount and cylindrical-style, inductive proximity sensors. Simply thread the cap in place to protect the most vulnerable area of a cylindrical bodied sensor: where the face meets the barrel. Compatible with any brand of sensor, the ceramic caps increase longevity and reduce maintenance time and material cost.



  • Increases sensor life
  • Withstands high temperatures, weld spatter and abrasives
  • Ideal for welding applications
  • Easy to install