Configuring magnetostrictive sensors online

Product Configuration
Product Configuration

To offer our high quality service to you online, we are continually improving the Balluff website. It is now possible to find and request configurable materials on our site.
As a start, the entire range of magnetostrictive sensors has been made available online. You can configure just the right product for your needs from more than 1.2 billion variations.

Product finder

If your desired product has already been fabricated, you can order it immediately through our web shop. For all others, you can place a request and someone from our inside sales team will contact you right away.
Of course, you can always view technical data and download data sheets and other documentation for all versions.

Configuration in 3 steps

  1. Select the corresponding product family in the Product Finder.
  2. Select your product version. Optionally you can also specify technical features.
  3. Create your individual product configuration on the details page (e.g. interface, measuring length, etc.).
Configurable magnetostrictive sensors
Configuration in 3 steps