Mechanical safety switches

A safety switch locks a gate
A safety switch locks a gate

Rugged and reliable interlocking device and guard locking devices

Safety switches with a separate actuator are protective devices which simultaneously provide personal and machine protection. Together with a machine controller and a guard, they control access to a hazardous area. Depending on the application requirements, safety switches without guard locking, with mechanical guard locking (power-to-unlock) or with solenoid guard locking (power-to-lock) can be used.

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Options To Satisfy Many Applications

Balluff's family of mechanical safety switches include multiple options to satisfy a range of applications including packaging, food & beverage, automotive, robotics, assembly, factory automation and many others. The family includes a standard tongue switch and several guardlocking variants, to protect personnel and/or processes. These switches can be used to "lock" guards and doors until the process has safely come to a halt.

Easy Connection To Safety Processors

The Mechanical Safety Switches can be connected to any safety processor, i.e. to safety relays, programmable logic modules or safety controllers. Wiring is simple using standardized M12 plug connections - the safety switch is "plug & play" with the Balluff safety IO-Link I/O module. And when properly applied with a safety controller, these switches can meet a high level safety per EN ISO 13849 and IEC/EN 61508/62061.



  • Rugged, metal housing with status indicator
  • Rotating head (90° increments) with side or top actuator entry
  • M12 plug connection (5-pin, 8-pin)
  • Guard locking device versions with either spring locking force (closed circuit principle) or solenoid locking force (open circuit principle)
  • High locking force up to 2500 N
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