Human Machine Interface

User-friendly representation of information

With our controllers and display devices, you know at all times what and where things stand with production and exactly where a tool is located. This enables you to reliably monitor the status of machines/systems and implement the output signals from the sensors optically or acoustically.

Our displays and the LED signal light known as SmartLight, display sizes physically. This way, you can recognize the operating state of your machine at a glance.

The controllers evaluate the results from industrial cameras and other sensors, review them and pass them on to the host controller. This pre-processing makes sure that only the important parameters are obtained and are transmitted over the customer network to a central controller – which protects the entire production environment from data overload.

The most important benefits

  • Simple operation
  • Industrial type form factors and mounting concepts
  • Standardized linking to the company network environment

Product families

  • SmartLight – LED stack lights

    IO-Link SmartLight: One light, three functions, unlimited applications

    Our LED stack lights, with multi-color LEDs and a flexible color spectrum, indicate operating conditions such as temperatures, equipment levels or slide positions using a linear positioning system. You can define the color individually to display important or critical machine conditions and use the color scale to read off trends for physical variables.


    • Easy to install
    • Up to 20 separately controllable LED circuits
    • Highly flexible
    • Modifiable during the machine operation – no mechanical modification
    • Optional integrated sound module for acoustic instructions
    IO-Link SmartLight
  • Displays

    Digital display devices for any application

    Displays are ideal for control cabinet installation. You can select between analog value display, axis displays, display modules and cam switches. The decimal place, the zero point and combination of inputs/outputs can be set via the function keys on the front side depending on the application.


    • Display modules: SSI interface or digital pulse interface
    • Axial displays: One or two axes can be displayed at different input frequencies
    • Cam mechanism: Integrated encoder power supply
  • Industrial Controllers

    Get a central view from the shop floor

    Do you need to quickly display or change the production status and configurations of machine vision products and other sensors? Our industrial controllers are tailor-made for these tasks.

    Our industrial-grade panel PCs, running Windows 10 IoT, operate various industrial components using standard input systems: keyboard and mouse or touchscreen. The 12" display lets you visualize and read all the information comfortably.

    Our new SmartVision controller directly controls industrial cameras and makes the results available to the central controller over various network interfaces.


    • Adaptable function – from simple representation to high-performance data analysis
    • Industrial-type form factor and mounting features
    • Standardized linking to a wide range of company network environments
    Industrial Controllers