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Magnetic field sensors

Contactless and reliable detection

Today’s pneumatic cylinders are compact, reliable, and cost-effective prime movers for automated equipment. Unfortunately, they are often provided with unreliable reed or Hall Effect switches that fail well before the service life of the cylinder itself is expended. Balluff’s magnetic field cylinder sensors are based on non-contact, solid-state sensor technology that is compatible with both reed and Hall Effect magnetic pole orientations, making them the ideal replacement for standard magnetic switches. Electrically rugged, they feature short circuit protection, overload protection, and reverse polarity protection.

Balluff's magnetic field sensors will work with magnetic strengths as low as 15 Gauss unlike the reed and Hall Effect sensors that require Gauss ratings two times higher or even more. This means that as the magnet weakens from time, heat, and other factors, the Balluff sensor will continue to perform reliably. How sure are we the Balluff sensor is better...they are backed by Balluff's exclusive LIFETIME warranty.


  • Contact-free - wear-free
  • No double switching points
  • Reliable in high speed applications

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