Schulung Industrial Identifikation
Schulung Industrial Identifikation

This course is designed to prepare someone to build a solution to a given RFID application. The first part of the class explains the fundamentals of RFID. The second part of the class emphasizes using specific tools to build the correct solution. The final project in the class is a specific RFID application. Participants will use all of the tools and concepts they have learned to build a solution ready for presentations, including a Visio graphical depiction.

Prerequisites of the Course

The RFID Architecture Course assumes a basic understanding of how to navigate in a Windows® environment on a personal computer. No other prerequisites exist.

Structure of the Course

The RFID Architecture Course uses a hands-on approach. Each pair of participants will share a personal computer equipped with the RFID Solution Builder Tool and the Microsoft™ Visio Templates and Stencils. These tools have been specifically created to incorporate all of Balluff’s available solutions for RFID applications.


Event location

Balluff Canada, Inc.
2840 Argentia Rd, Unit 1
Mississauga, ON L5N 8G4

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