Hazardous Locations
Safety in potentially explosive areas

Explosion-Proof Position and Level Feedback

In classified hazardous locations with potentially explosive gases or dusts, any installed electrical equipment must comply with specific in-country or regional electrical code requirements. This includes linear position sensors used for position feedback on hydraulic cylinders and valve actuators, as well as level monitoring probes.

Balluff offers a selection of magnetostrictive linear position & level sensors with differing degrees of protection depending on the area classification and the installation jurisdiction. Models are available with NEC (US), CEC (Canada), ATEX (EU), and/or IECEx (International) certification. Some models also carry some country-specific certifications.

Having access to widely certified positions sensors simplifies the paperwork overhead needed to legally export equipment to locations around the world, reducing the need to change the equipment BOM according to the destination country.

Application examples

Valve position feedback for hazardous locations