Welding, stamping and joining in the automotive industry

Welding, stamping and new joining technologies

The continuously growing demands on automation in the automotive industry are a focus of Balluff. When it comes to stamping, welding and alternative joining technologies we offer the best solutions for advancing the automation of your production processes using future-oriented technology.

Welding: Reliably monitor welding processes and increase plant availability

Quality control begins during the manufacturing process. Only in this way can you quickly respond to deficiencies and prevent expensive rework and returns. Our intelligent SmartCameras automate visual inspections to ensure high product quality, for example, of weld seams. And you can easily monitor equipment conditions with the Balluff IO-Link SmartLight stack lights, which visualize the output signals from the sensors. Now you can recognize irregularities and trends in time to prevent critical operating states.

Welding creates harsh conditions: Flying sparks and metal and weld spatter can cause heat damage or stick to sensors and cables and impair their functionality. Balluff has a wide selection of weld-immune sensors with the appropriate cables and accessories. Designed with stainless steel faces or ceramic coatings, these sensors are tough enough to have a long life when used directly in the welding area. Their reliability in these conditions increases the quality and equipment availability in production. Our I/O and network modules optimized for welding applications also ensure reliable signal transmission in electromagnetic interference fields.

Application examples for welding

Securely transmit signals in electrically noisy fields

Easily visualize operating states

Communicate without the weight

Optimal power supply

Stamping: Minimize downtime and setup time and ensure removal

Stamping places a load on the sensors as well as the tools. Balluff sensors and accessories function with high reliability even under high forces. Our rugged components let you minimize downtime and reduce your overall costs.

Increased product variety requires more frequent tool changes and equipment refitting. But when the presses stop, the costs don't. Our inductive couplers simplify tool changes by transmitting the power and signals without contact. This provides high flexibility while also preventing wear. An ID stored in the sensor/actuator hub prevents incorrect associations. With IO-Link sensors, the parameter data can be stored directly in the IO-Link master, so no time-consuming reentering of parameters is necessary. The system loads the data directly into the device.

Removal of stamped parts over slides or belt conveyors needs to run without interruption to avoid bottlenecks and protect the stamping tools from damage. Our light curtains and inductive sensors immediately report any backup to keep parts moving efficiently.

Application examples for stamping

Fast tool changing

Efficient tracking

Secure access to press lines

New joining technologies: Ensure consistently high quality

The trend towards light construction has prompted innovation in the joining technology field. In addition to conventional steel, light metals such as aluminum, high-tensile steels and fiber composites are finding increasing use. Riveting, clinching, screwing, and gluing are being used with these different materials, and each process needs quality inspections.

Gluing especially is increasingly replacing other joining techniques. A modern car consists today of around 15 to 18 kilograms of adhesive. Glued-in front and rear windshields are not uncommon. But weak spots in gluing or using the wrong adhesive create a safety risk. Balluff's sensors help you meet your high quality standards.

Application examples for new joining techniques

Glue bead inspection

Reliable glue pot identification

Quality inspection of self-pierce riveting

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