The Balluff Automation in Action Bus

The Balluff Automation in Action Bus

Balluff bus

Walk through the Balluff Demo Van to see the latest automation solutions

The van is currently equipped with demonstrations of a wide variety of sensor, networking and identification technologies covering many industries and applications.


Demo Van Schedule

  • January – February: South Region
  • February – March: West Region
  • March – April: Western Canada
  • April – May: Midwest Region
  • June – July: Northeast Region
  • July – August: Eastern Canada
  • August – September: Central Region
  • September: College Tour
  • October - November: Southeast Region

*All dates and locations are subject to change

Current Demonstrations:

Error Proofing
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Precision Sensing
IO-Link for Manufacturing
RFID for Traceability
Automated Welding
BIS V RFID Processor
Level Detection