Extreme loads in injection molding

Withstand extreme loads in injection moulding

In injection moulding, sensors need to withstand tremendous loads. If they fail early on, the downtime comes at a high price. High-quality Balluff sensors such as displacement transducers, high-pressure-resistant and temperature-resistant capacitive sensors and pressure sensors ensure continuity. Balluff sensors are continuously optimised in our accredited in-house laboratory through Highly Accelerated Life Tests (HALT). We expose the products to extreme loads during the development phase to eliminate possible weaknesses. The durable and extremely precise technology of our sensors optimises the availability of your systems by eliminating downtimes. Its precision makes products of the highest quality possible.

Application examples

High-precision displacem. transducers for a gentle mold closure
Detecting the injection process
Continuous monitoring with inductive sensors
Detect the position of core pulls
Continuous pressure monitoring with IO-Link
Measuring mold filling in RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)