Basics archive
Basics archive

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Inductive proximity sensors The most popular sensor for automation

PNP in comparison with NPN Basic electrical wiring

Passive RFID systems Basic operation

PVC, PUR and TPE Instructions for selecting the cable sheath

Background suppression vs. energetic diffuse sensors A comparison

Active vs. passive RFID tags Strengths and challenges

What is IO-Link Operation, components and technology

Analog transmission of measurement signals vs. digital transmission of signals with IO-Link Comparison of the various kinds of transmission

Inductive coupling for non-contact energy and data exchange Basic information

Magnetic field sensors vs. inductive proximity sensors for robot grippers Basic sensors for robot grippers

Absolute vs. incremental magnetically coded position and angle measurement systems Comparison of measurement systems

Photoelectric sensor heads with separate amplifier vs. stand-alone photoelectric sensors

Magnetostrictive technology Basic overview

Continuous vs. end-of-travel cylinder position detection Comparison of position detection options for hydraulic cylinders

Fluid level detection – limit level or continuous comparison of methods and technologies

Resolution, accuracy, repeatability and precision Explanation of terms relating to travel measurement

MEMS-based vs. fluid-based inclination measurement Comparison between two different inclination measuring systems

Inductive standard proximity sensors vs. inductive Factor 1 proximity sensors A comparison with detection