Miniature sensors for big tasks

Extra small designs for tight conditions

Industrial automation requires increasing miniaturization of assemblies. This requires components that are small and light, yet also as powerful as possible. Miniature sensors from Balluff meet these demands.

Through mini-designs with maximum performance, they provide a great degree of design freedom to make many applications possible. For you this means added flexibility.

Balluff provides mini-sensors with all operating principles: Inductive, photoelectric, magnetic, capacitive and ultrasonic. Compact inductive couplers, space-saving fieldbus modules and RFID in mini versions are available for each sensor technology.

Our products include mini-sensors and compact connection technology, both excellent for factory automation. Particularly in robotics, on production lines or in handling applications, for example, low weight is the key requirement for fast cycle times. Moreover, the space saved by the compact design provides greater room for maneuvering in a tightly packed work space.

Miniature sensors from Balluff guarantee high precision and ensure the necessary reliability.

Compact and powerful mini-sensors

Inductive mini-sensors

Photoelectric mini-sensors

Capacitive mini-sensors

Magnetic mini-cylinder sensors

Ultrasonic sensors

Magnetically coded position measurement system

Industrial RFID for transfer systems

Fieldbus splitters and sensor hubs

Compact inductive couplers