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Just-in-time delivery guaranteed

Whether it be interiors, air conditioning, wheels, tires or exhaust equipment - the automotive industry relies on these assemblies and systems. As an external supplier you take on a key role fort he manufacturer. Every product must be in the right place at the right time and of the right quality. Only when this is ensured is efficient automotive production possible.

Our sensors and systems provide you with reliable help and contribute to the quality and on time delivery of your products. Our solutions increase the availability of your equipment and increase your productivity. This optimizes your production process and ensures just-in-time delivery.

Industry 4.0
Error Proofing
The poka-yoke process
Tough Performers

Application examples



Automatically document production and quality data
Monitor pressures in injection molding
Mold-ID – detect defects before they even happen
Monitor handling tasks and end positions on heat presses
Thrive in welding environments
Control material flow across plant areas
Bundle signals in automation and robotics