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Linear and rotary drives

Compact, high-precision technology

Integrated sensor system solutions are indispensable for the most compact drive possible. BML magnetic encoders, which are available in incomparably small form factors, are suited for direct integration into both linear and rotary drives.

These measuring systems consist of a sensor and a magnetic tape, which features Permagnet technology for an absolutely homogeneous magnetic field. This guarantees high function security, low hysteresis and minimum linearity deviations.

During use, the sensor slides over the encoded tape at a distance of up to 5 mm for completely non-contact operation. The position is available as an absolute or incremental signal.

The tape is available as a strip for linear operations and in ring or disc form for rotary movement.
For additional flexibility you can choose from various interfaces (SSI, BISS-C, SIN/COS, ABZ, IO-Link).

Application examples

Custom tailored feedback solutions for linear and rotary drives
Absolute motor feedback in real time
High-precision position feedback for rotary and swivel drives