IO-Link IP20 and IP67 power supply units

IO-Link IP20 and IP67 power supply units

IO-Link IP20 and IP67 power supply units

With condition monitoring

Heartbeat® function: Continuous monitoring of the wear factors

Power supply units are a key factor in the reliable operation of machines and systems. The new Heartbeat® power supplies assist the user with continuous monitoring and display of load and stress conditions (stress level).

Loadlevel indicates the current load on the output. If load increases, this can indicate a problem in the system, such as when a motor needs too much force to move a corroded ball bearing. With their lifetime display, the power supply units also provide information about the remaining useful life of the device. Unexpected failures and production stops are a thing of the past.

What IO link brings

The IO-Link interface enables all important parameters to be read out and transferred to the control system. These can be then processed in the higher level diagnostics system. This guarantees continuous diagnostics at a central location. The IO-Link connection is established via the tried and tested M12 connector or spring-loaded terminals.


  • Information about the HEARTBEAT®power supply via IO-Link
  • Process data, e.g. output voltage, output current
  • Heartbeat® parameters
  • Alarm messages, e.g. overload, over-temperature
  • Diagnostics information, e.g. input voltage, current stress level, service life

Balluff IO-Link power supply units are available with the IP20 and IP67 rating.

IP20 IO-Link power supply units: Energy-saving

The new versions with IP20 rating are ideal for providing a reliable and efficient voltage supply. These power supply units save an enormous amount of energy due to their high efficiency. This keeps loss of performance to a minimum and significantly reduces the size of the power supply unit housing. For example, the 20-A version is over 50% narrower than a conventional power supply unit. This saves space in the control cabinet.

An expansion with the optional IO-Link adapter saves additional energy and money. This is because the output voltage can be switched on and off via the IO-Link as soon as part of the system is not needed, thus allowing energy saving concepts to be effectively implemented.

IO-Link IP67 power supply units for local installation without a control cabinet

Balluff power supply units with IP67 protection class are ideally suited to local installation without a control cabinet. They can be used in the field directly and under harsh conditions. IO-Link enables power supply units to be installed even in locations which are difficult to access. With IO-Link, monitoring is carried out conveniently from the control room.

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